Sanso® Mixing Systems

Our comfort zone

is litterary outside the box

Taking industry mixing to a complete new level  ¬ our 7th generation of continuous mixing solution

Who are we?

We are two family companies who has collaborated for generations. After Nemo Ivarson has been involved in other line of business for some years. We are now back, taking our common efforts one step further and higher under one brand Sanso® managed by one company Sanso Mixing Systems AB.

Sanso is a subsidiary to Herman Andersson Plåt AB and co-owned by Nemo Ivarson AB.

Our scope of expertise

Since the late 50's we have innovate, develop, design and build solutions for industrial scale continuous mixing and dosing powders, semi liquids and Liquids.

Our new unique mixing concept handles even the troublesome non-newtonian fluids with a jaw dropping elegance. In a way similar to Alexander cutting the gordian knot.

Our output is seamless 1/99 to 99/1 powder/liquid. Colored liquid to moisted podwder. And everything inbetween


Our offer

Within our scope of Mixing and dosing expertise bring value that makes a difference to our customers. We can truly say that we have made the everlasting pain with homogeneous mix into a non-issue.

We are currently working on 3 projects:

1. Together with a world class leading starch technology company take starch manufacturing to a new level using our unique Sanso technology inside.

2. Supporting a vendor where the most diffucult bakery mixing is needed.

3. Be a part of building up a new unique type of sustainable food industry.


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