Sanso® Mixing Systems


¬ Spring. Entering close technical collaboration regarding granulation of starch . Our unique mixing technology enables spectacular results to say the least.  And we are just in the beginning.


¬ Q1 Reach Phase 2 European Horizon2020 final in European Comission HQ. Received Seal of Excellence (*)

¬ Q2 Reach Phase 2 European Horizon2020 final (again) in European Comission HQ. Received Seal of Excellence (*)

¬ Q3-Q4 Finding collaboration parners for wider international launch of our solution within different businesses needing exeptional results.


¬ Finalized EU Horizon 2020 Phase one project.

¬ Received Seal of Excellence  phase one From European Commission. ((*) In a highly competitive evaluation process EC recomend our Project for serious European investors)


¬ Feb reached +5 Bakers%, (Better bakery product raw material utilization).

¬ June Finalized Next level Winnova Sponsored Project

¬ Sep Developed new type of dough improver and formatter for mixer solution

¬ Dec Recived Project  founding from EU Horizon 2020 SME Intruments - Phase one

2015 Q3-Q4

¬ Jun Setting up Sr Advisory Team of external expertiese

¬ Jul  Aproval of our Second VINNOVA sponsored Project

¬ Aug Start setting up Test bakery Facility in Skurup

¬ Sep Start Prestudy frozen dough project with Major European Bakery Corp

¬ Oct  Our Test facility First full scale test tun with Commercial product

¬ Nov Second round of Science Lab Tests with SP Food & Science GbG (former SIK)

¬ Dec Finalize first VINNOVA Sponsored project

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